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Project Description Owner Last Change
botm/certbot Use certbot for bicyclesonthem... b 12 months ago
botm/common-perl Perl library with common funct... b 3 months ago
botm/config Tool for configuring BOTM... b 3 months ago
botm/exec Simple launcher template b 4 months ago
botm/git Stuff for git on the BOTM... b 4 months ago
botm/oldlogs Tool for handling log files. b 4 months ago
botm/runcwd Launch & CWD b 12 months ago
botm/www-trap Simple 'infinite maze' trap... b 22 months ago
cpied CPI file editor for DOS b 10 years ago
cresnov/imagimoth-family-tree The "family tree" of Imagimoth... b 9 months ago
cresnov/imagimoth-tracker Tool for keeping track of... b 9 months ago
klavirko/aix Analog input expander for... b 2 years ago
klavirko/lv-gui The test GUI for the keyboard... b 2 years ago
klavirko/main Main controller of the keyboar... b 2 years ago
klavirko/ui User interface for the keyboar... b 2 years ago
kreatury3000 Dice roll monster fight engine! b 9 years ago
maszyna Transforming a typewriter... b 23 months ago
ott/aftertime The time after time ONG system b 3 years ago
ott/backup/mscha Redundant copy of xkcd.mscha... b 3 months ago
ott/bsta BSTA ONG system b 3 months ago
ott/enhance Enhancement tools b 5 months ago
ott/mirror The OTT MIRROR b 3 months ago
ott/mrobsniped Decoding the hidden mr*bdex... b 22 months ago
ott/ong1 Original ONG system for BFTF b 7 years ago
ott/post OTT & mirror phpBB post mechanism. b 4 months ago
ott/t1i Original ONG system for t1i b 8 years ago
staf/libstaf C library for communication... b 23 months ago
staf/lv-staf LabVIEW library for communicat... b 4 years ago
staf/py-staf Python library for communicati... b 23 months ago
staf/staf Silent Timer Action Figure b 3 years ago
staf/staf-adjust Tools for calibration & resync... b 20 months ago
yplom/facebug1 Unnamed repository; edit this... b 8 years ago
yplom/proxy Unnamed repository; edit this... b 7 years ago